Thursday, February 7, 2013

this shows how solar plasma travels from the sun's corona to earth's magnetic field to create electricity in the near earth enviornment  The  coronal mass ejections, sunspots and magnetic vortices on the sun drive of pulses of solar plasma. they slam into earth's spinning magnetic field and make electricity. the earth spins on it's axis and the magnetic filed rotates with it. this whole thing is documented by both NASA and the ESA (links to their videos are on this blog) NASA calls the plasma pulses Flux Transfer Events (FTEs) that occur in Electron Diffusion Regions (EDRs) they are well worth researching via google. NASA however for reasons of politics uses euphemisms such as "electron diffusion" instead of the more accurate "electricity creation" they mean the same thing but one gives you ideas that are not in the american petroleum institutes (API) best intrests.

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