Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is an accurate view of the Solar System. instead of a void bettween the planets. (wrong!) it depicts a diffuse plasma that is an energetic medium (right!) it is called in science the Heliosphere. it consists of hydrogen plasma, electrons, cosmic rays and assorted radiations. in the picture depicted by the red and yellow lines. they flow out from the sun in dynamic pulses of varying speed and density to the region called the magnetopause. the otherside of this boundary has the energies of other milky way stars in dominance. if it helps think of the heliosphere as a bubble full of fire. all the planets are within the heliosphere and any celestial body (like a moon or planet) with it's own magnetic field will generate electricity as it's magnetic field is slammed by the solar wind. (the name for fast moving solar plasma) the heliosphere dynamics have been confirmed by the voyager spacecraft. and the electricity generation has been observed by the THEMIS sattelites around earth. NASA and the ESA studied these events (called FTEs) and links to their videos are in this blog in the older posts

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