Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is an accurate view of the Solar System. instead of a void bettween the planets. (wrong!) it depicts a diffuse plasma that is an energetic medium (right!) it is called in science the Heliosphere. it consists of hydrogen plasma, electrons, cosmic rays and assorted radiations. in the picture depicted by the red and yellow lines. they flow out from the sun in dynamic pulses of varying speed and density to the region called the magnetopause. the otherside of this boundary has the energies of other milky way stars in dominance. if it helps think of the heliosphere as a bubble full of fire. all the planets are within the heliosphere and any celestial body (like a moon or planet) with it's own magnetic field will generate electricity as it's magnetic field is slammed by the solar wind. (the name for fast moving solar plasma) the heliosphere dynamics have been confirmed by the voyager spacecraft. and the electricity generation has been observed by the THEMIS sattelites around earth. NASA and the ESA studied these events (called FTEs) and links to their videos are in this blog in the older posts

this shows how solar plasma travels from the sun's corona to earth's magnetic field to create electricity in the near earth enviornment  The  coronal mass ejections, sunspots and magnetic vortices on the sun drive of pulses of solar plasma. they slam into earth's spinning magnetic field and make electricity. the earth spins on it's axis and the magnetic filed rotates with it. this whole thing is documented by both NASA and the ESA (links to their videos are on this blog) NASA calls the plasma pulses Flux Transfer Events (FTEs) that occur in Electron Diffusion Regions (EDRs) they are well worth researching via google. NASA however for reasons of politics uses euphemisms such as "electron diffusion" instead of the more accurate "electricity creation" they mean the same thing but one gives you ideas that are not in the american petroleum institutes (API) best intrests.

this shows how the solar plasma waves created by the variable speed and density of the solar wind strike the earth's magnetic field lines and make them "ring" the vibrating field lines induce electrical currents in the upper atmosphere. this region is called the ionosphere. these currents of electricity are called laminar flow sheets and cause the aurora borealis as well as supply energy for Earth's STORM SYSTEMS. the ionosphere is full of charged ions and plasma and is very energetic. our lower atmosphere acts as an insulator due to it's high nitrogen content.  despite this the currents in the ionosphere use electromagnetic induction to create geomagnetic currents in the earth and the seas (called GICs or telluric currents) the Geomagnetic Induced Currents (GICs) will flow in any conductor of sufficent length or surface area. so not just the sea but pipelines, rail tracks, and telephone lines as well. (see "the Carrington event" via google) these forces can be harnessed by man's machines via magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) for an example see Lord Kelvin's "sea battery" of the early 1900s. (use google) this is the first description of MHD i have found


This is a showing of the MHD setup.  The generator is simple. just a magnetic filed at right angles to an electric field.
the flow of water passes through the device and the kinetic energy of the charged ions in the water create electricity. the magnets are arrange with attracting faces toward each other north south or south north. the two metals of differing electro-valence shown here as copper and steel are at right angles to the field of the magnets. think stations of the cross for it's pattern.  the lunar gravity gives kinetic energy (motion) to the water via the tides. The geomagnetic induced currents or GICs then provide the charged particles. plus the undersea vents that release chemicals from earth's interior

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

new text an pic document on MHD method

here is the link to a document on google drive. you can copy and distrubite it freely. it is the text and pictoral description of using MHD to make electricity. please do not charge. i see from the blog monitor that the readership has exploded. iraq and peru and thailand have never had viewers before. germany, russia, and spain have increased. this is good as this knowledge needs to be universal human property.