Tuesday, November 12, 2013

pelamis wave power

 this space is being updated. recently there has been a group of articles i have collected that together offer irrefutable proof about cosmic energy and it's potential for human use. these articles are NASAs recent discovery of the power source of the northern lights as well as the solar connection to geomagnetic induced currents (telluric currents) here are the links:

Very good site here.  There seems to be no reason why this should not be used worldwide!  pelamis wave energy video     This is a floating raft with hinged segments that use the motion from waves to compress and expand the fluid in a hydraulic cable.  The cable then powers an onshore hydraulic turbine.  Very simple. reliable and durable! (unlike the Hudson river turbines!)  This design or one that has a floating pendulum/piston/cable/generator would work on any coastal area.  A pendulum driving hydraulic fluid to power an on shore turbine would be great for around here. Anybody know why we don't have these things to replace coastal coal generators? (Well aside from the corrupt vested corporate concerns that make sure Americans never here about this stuff)

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